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Top 4 apps to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S10

Since being released earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has become one of the most popular smartphones on our site. Praised for its excellent display, decent battery life and really easy to use camera, it is a mobile phone that will be more than enough for most users requirements. Of course, smartphones are there to make our lives easier so it is worth knowing how to get the most from yours. A few handy apps can help with that.

Here are four of the best apps to download and start using for your S10 today:


When it comes to using mobile phones now, many people love taking photos to upload to social media sites like Instagram. Although the camera included with the S10 is pretty cool, it is also worth downloading the Snapseed app to polish up any pictures you take. With Snapseed, there is a wide choice of filters and tools to edit your photos with. From raw image editing to adjusting the exposure or brightness, this is one very handy app to have. Download Snapseed.

Files by Google

If you like to take lots of photos then you may soon start to fill your phone’s memory up. To be fair, this will take a while with the Samsung Galaxy S10 as it has 128GB of storage space! However, to avoid running out of space for new apps or pictures, Files by Google is worth using. This basically makes it easy to see which apps you haven’t used in a long time or duplicate photos and clear them out of your phone’s memory. Download Files by Google.

Weather bug

One of the coolest features that the S10 delivers is the Always on Display feature. One thing that AOD doesn’t show as standard though is the weather or temperature. This is actually essential for a lot of people who travel about and need to quickly see what the outside conditions are like. Weather bug is a very useful weather app that sticks to the AOD status bar of your phone and always keeps you aware of what it’s like outside. Download Weatherbug.


Many people in modern life are now starting to realise how key looking after their mental health is as well as their physical. The Daylio app for the S10 gives a simple and fun way to help with this. In essence, it is an app that helps track your mood each day. You have to input how you are feeling into it and the reasons behind your current mood. Over time, the app tracks this and helps you to see what makes you feel good so you can do more of it. Download Daylio.

So, there you have it – the top four apps to make your Samsung Galaxy S10 perform even better.  For more information on great mobile phone deals and tips on getting the most from your smartphone, subscribe to the Direct Mobiles Newsletter. Or check out our round up of the UK’s best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals.

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