Top 3 Facts About 5G

5G has arrived in the UK, and whilst the entire country doesn’t have access to it yet, every month new places will gain access to the service as EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three roll-out the new service and the new benefits it will bring.

So what are the benefits of 5G? Here are our top 3 facts:

A better connection in busy places

If you’ve ever found it difficult to get online when you at a busy location such as a station, airport, festival or concert, even when you seem to have full signal, you’ll know what a pain that can be. Even with 4G, you can struggle to upload content, post photos or just get online. This is down to too many people in one place trying to connect at the same time – the network reaches it’s capacity so everything becomes sloooooooow.

With 5G, the network will give you a more reliable connection in busy places and at busy times. This is becuase 5G has a much greater bandwidth than 4G and can support more devices being connected at the same time. That means you’ll be able to stream high definition video, broadcast live on social media at festivals and quickly upload photos on your way home from a concert.

Fast speeds, better quality

5G is much faster than 4G. This means everyday tasks on your phone such as banking, checking Twitter or getting directions will feel even faster than before.

You’ll be able to download a film onto your phone in seconds rather than minutes so you can quickly load that new boxset onto your phone for the train ride home or flight for your holiday. You’ll also be able to stream video in the highest resolutions which means that you’ll be able to watch sporting events live on your device with much more detail and enjoy smoother video calling.

And when 5G isn’t available, as it sits alongside 4G, that will still be available too.

An instant connection

5G is quick but it also has a much faster response time. This means you get connected super-quick whether you’re playing a video, loading an app or controlling smart devices in your home – it will all be that much faster.

The faster speed at which the network responds also makes it ideal for gamers and it will respond even quicker to your button presses, vital for online multiplayer gaming. It will also introduce new virtual and augmented reality experiences, many of which haven’t even been dreamt up yet.

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