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The 5 Best Productivity Apps For iPhone Users

The average person spends over 4 hours a day on their phones. The odds are that a lot of this time is spent on mindless activities like scrolling through social media and time-wasting games. Using our phones to fill time rather than with intent means we waste nearly 23 full days a year on our phones.

We’d all be better off trying to reduce our phone usage occasionally, yes even us lot at Direct Mobiles. But if we can’t reduce the time spent with them, then we should at least try to make our time on them as productive as possible.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best productivity apps on the market.

The 5 Best Productivity Apps That Will Jumpstart Your Life

If you find yourself using your smartphone unnecessarily, these apps will help you reduce the time spent on your device or use your time more wisely. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Moment

Moment is an app that tracks your activity on your phone from the moment you unlock your device. It tracks your overall usage by time, as well as what apps you use most frequently by monitoring which apps use the most battery throughout the day.

This app will keep you honest as you’ll be face to face with your phone use. It’s pretty disheartening to check the app at the end of the day and see that you’ve spent 4 hours on Twitter.

2. Evernote

Whether you’re a college student or a professional, Evernote is a great way to keep track of the most important information in your life. With the app, you can record and transcribe meetings, interviews, or classroom lectures as well as scan documents, capture web pages and take notes.

It’s a great, user-friendly, catch-all tool that will make doing productive work easier and it works across your phone, tablet and laptop.

3. Pocket

It’s easy to scroll across something interesting on your phone during dinner or an important meeting and get completely sucked into it, falling into a deep rabbit hole of information.

In most day-to-day situations, getting immersed in your phone like this is destructive, but Pocket helps you avoid this problem by allowing you to bookmark and save anything you see on your phone to view at a later time.

Now your mother or significant other will never complain about your phone usage at the dinner table again.

4. Focus

Focus is a task timer that sets 30-minute timers at various intervals known as “focus sessions”. When the timer starts, you are supposed to do 30 minutes of motivated, dedicated work. With this automated timer, it’ll be easier to push yourself to get work done and then reward yourself with a short break (then you can jump onto Twitter).

5. Headspace

It may sound counter-intuitive, but if we want to make our lives more productive, we need to give ourselves chances to breathe. Headspace is a guided meditation app that allows you to meditate in short 5-10 minute sessions.

You’ll find that these sessions give you a clarity of mind that you didn’t have before.  Even if you’ve never meditated before in your life, give it a go; and hey, it seems to have worked for Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Rick Rubin, Paul McCartney and Clint Eastwood!

Want More Smartphone Tips & Tricks?

These are the 5 best productivity apps on the market, and with them, you’ll be able to have a much healthier relationship with your phone. Instead of getting lost on Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter, your smartphone can be used for your own long-term benefit.

If you’d like any more tips, tricks or guides regarding your smartphone usage, check out the Guides & Tips section of our website.

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