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Spotify Wrapped: How to see your most played music of the year

Did you really spend that long listening to Bon Jovi?

It’s that time of year again, as the ‘best of everything 2018’ lists start to appear, Spotify Wrapped is one of the most popular, letting you see (and then hear) your most popular artists and songs of the year.

Spotify Wrapped 2018

The service includes loads of music stats about your listening habits, that will either surprise you or confirm exactly what you were thinking – yes, you’re still listening to those 80’s hair metal classics – and why shouldn’t you?

The year’s Spotify Wrapped will tell you how many minutes of music in total you listened to (can you beat my 19,696 minutes?), how many different songs, how many different artists, which genres were most popular, your oldest song, the first song played in 2018 and also includes any popular podcasts you played.

Spotify will also ask you some randomly selected questions to see how well you know your own musical tastes, asking you to guess your most-played song, artist or genre before revealing the answers.

Spotify Wrapped: My most popular songs and artists of 2018
My most played songs and artists of 2018

Once you’ve been given all the headline stats, Spotify creates a playlist of your most played 2018 music which you can then save and share with friends. You’ll also get a playlist of some new music that you may like to consider playing in 2019, based on your tastes.

To get your musical rundown, just head to the dedicated website Spotify Wrapped and log in with your Spotify account details.

If you share your Spotify Wrapped on Twitter and tag us @directmobilesuk, we’d love to hear what you’ve been listening too – need some more tunes for the office playlist.


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