Six Clever Samsung Galaxy S20 Tricks and Features

A few neat tricks the S20 has beyond the usual stuff

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has launched, so if you’re thinking about buying one, you’ll probably know all about the sleek design, stunning cameras and the giant screen. Down below are a few features which you might not know about and could find helpful.

Efficiently share files with friends/family

There are many ways to share photos and files on our phones, but the S20 brings it to a whole new level. Similar to Apple’s AirDrop, the Samsung Galaxy S20 allows you to see which of your S20-using family and friends are nearby. You can then send files to them without worrying about pairing or using apps. Don’t worry if some of your family and friends won’t be using the S20 – this feature will be rolled out to older Samsung Galaxy devices too, so no one gets left out.

You can lock RAM to an app or game

The S20 models all have at least 12GB of RAM, which is probably going to be more than people actually need. There’s so much memory space that Samsung is letting its users lock games and apps into the RAM, which means that once you stop using a RAM locked app, it will stay in the phone’s memory so you don’t need to wait a long time for it to load up next time.

Impressive music sharing

The S20 puts an advanced spin on Bluetooth in regards to music sharing. For example, if your friend wants to play some music through your car’s stereo, you’d normally unpair your phone, but if you own a Samsung Galaxy S20, it’s much simpler than that. Your S20 can act as a hub, allowing your friend to connect their phone to the stereo too, providing they have a Galaxy phone. Your phone will pop up in their Bluetooth settings and the S20 will transmit it to the car.

Nighttime hyper-lapse photos

You’ve been able to produce hyper-lapse photos using the Camera app for a while now, but it has never really worked well in low-light conditions. This is where Night Hyperlapse comes in, as the new S20 lets you film video with a long exposure-style that gives you those cool light trails.

Spotify playlists into Bixby

If you want your day to have a little more noise, the S20 will be the phone for you. Due to a new merger with Spotify, you’ll be able to have a playlist as part of your Bixby Routines, giving you the perfect songs to listen to every time, whether it’s in the morning having breakfast or winding down for the evening.

High-res stills from 8K videos

If filming videos in 8K wasn’t cool enough, you can grab a 33MP still if you find a stunning frame in your footage. That’s definitely an upgrade from the still you can get in 4K videos, and they should look just as impressive as the ones you get organically.

If you’re looking for your next phone, we’ve rounded up and compared the best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals.

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