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Should I upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Upgrading from a Samsung S8 to the Samsung S10

Are you keeping up with the rumours about the new Samsung releases in 2019? Are you ready for your upgrade? If you signed up for an S8 about 2  years ago you may already be able to renew your contract, but should you wait for a Samsung Galaxy S10 or upgrade to the S9?

For a lot of us getting a new phone is an occasion for celebration, a feeling of being free from the shackles of old technology, a feeling of rebirth. What will my new phone be able to do for me that my old phone could not? There is no denying 24 months is a long time to have a device that you carry with you everywhere, a device that defines who you are.  When you put your phone down on the table in the pub in front of anyone, new friends or old, your phone says something about you. But do you really care? I guess if you are reading this article you do, so what next?

Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung S8 is a great phone but is the move to the S9 really worth it? Having moved from and S8 to a S9 only last week, I have a few thoughts on this.

If you can afford to, wait for the Samsung S10. “Why?” I here you cry.

If your S8 is still in good condition and working well, hang on to it and save yourself some money and sign yourself up to a SIM Only deal,  you will more than likely get more data and minutes for your cash. Take a look at our guide on getting the best mobile deal at the end of your contract here.

Visually, the only difference between the S8 and the S9 are to be found on the back of the phone. You will find that the fingerprint sensor has moved to below the camera. This has been moved to stop smudging the lens of the camera when you use the fingerprint sensor. The phone specs are pretty similar on the inside, the S9 has a slightly faster processor but no other major differences. Therefore the S8 is still going to pass the ‘pub test’ as well as the S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S8

If you are looking to get a great new deal if you have cracked your screen or your phone has any other issues it may be a great idea to upgrade to the S9 now,  there are some great deals available on the Samsung S9 right now, from about £29 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S10 rumours

What do we know about the Samsung S10?  Truth is we don’t really know a great deal officially and neither does anyone else, although there are rumours that there will be three different versions. What we do know, is that there will be an announcement by Samsung on the 20th February 2019 and Samsung have also given us a brief glimpse at the user interface that we’ll see on the S10.

We’ll have all the latest S10 news and launch offers right here at Direct Mobiles.

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