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PAC Codes | Do you want to move mobile networks?

PAC codes, STAC codes what do they all mean?

PAC codes

Back in March we reported that the new PAC code changes would come into effect on July 1 2019 and that date is moving closer and closer. With only 54 days to go until D-day or maybe we should call it P-Day, we only have just under two months to go until the changes. We now have had sight of some official documentation from EE as to how the process will work. Note, this process is for consumers only, we believe business will be the same but may take a little while longer.

If you want to leave earlier than your out of contract date (usually 30 days before the contract end) you can, but expect to pay an early termination fee.

For EE customers only:

  • Call 150
  • Use your online account
  • Text a message with the word PAC to 65075

After you request a PAC EE will immediately send you a text message with your PAC code, you will also have any Early Termination Charges outlined (if you are still in contract) and a link to your online account where you will find more information. If you are happy to do move you give your PAC number to your new network and hey presto, your existing contract will end and your new one will start. It will take 24 hours for your number to move, but this is a vast improvement in the previous service where it could take 3 days and you would have to pay 2 bills for a minimum of 30 days!

STAC codes

Initially we thought there was no point to a STAC (or Service Termination Authorisation Code ), but there is. If you don’t want to keep your number but still want to move to a new network, a STAC code will allow you to terminate your existing contract without having to speak to one of those annoying IVR’s to be put through to the ‘retentions department’  to do so. Text STAC to 75075 get your STAC code and give to your new network and as above one contract will end and another will begin.

With all the above in mind, now is really the time you should be assessing your mobile contracts, making sure you’re on the best possible tariff and what is your best move?

Get a new SIM only deal and keep your existing mobile phone or commit to a new contract deal and get a shiny new smartphone as well.

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