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Is Shazam magic?

The magic of Shazam

Is Shazam magic or is it a film? Here we’re talking about the app. I think Shazam is brilliant but not magic, easy to use and sometimes, it can save your bacon when in an argument in the pub about who is singing that track on the jukebox. Shazam has been around since about 2002 in the UK and a little later in the US. But what is it? Shazam, by use of some pretty clever audio fingerprint technology will identify a song in about 10 seconds.  All you have to do is open the app press ‘Shazam’ and the title and artist will appear as if by magic. Back in the old days (2002!) you would have text a short code and hold your phone up to the speaker and wait for a text back with the title and singer, a little cumbersome but it worked.

The real step forward with Shazam has been the integration with Apple Music and now Spotify.  Once you have linked either of the streaming services to your Shazam app, any songs you Shazam will appear automatically in a playlist. Why is this so good?  Well you don’t have to switch backwards and forwards between apps if you want to hear the track again, painless!

Set Up:

Download the Shazam App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

Go to Settings and link with your Apple Music or Spotify account

Allow Shazam access to your service and allow it to create a playlist

Hey presto you are done.



How many songs does Shazam have access to?

Shazam has access to over 11 million songs, while this may not be all the music in the world, it will probably cover anything most people will know. The stats are impressive over 1 billion downloads in over 200 countries and around 150 million active monthly users. I guess you can understand why  Apple purchased Shazam last year for a reported £300 million? Have a look at this article for some of the main reasons why Apple made the purchase.

I was at first a little bit sceptical of the usefulness of this app, but after a few weeks use it has changed the way I find new music, let it change yours.

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