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How to keep your iPhone battery fuller for longer

Everyone who has a phone has that constant fear of it dying. A dead battery makes your phone useless, and people who use their phone a lot have a constant battle between usage and battery life. While some people might carry a portable charger with them everywhere, and constantly be on the lookout for a plug socket, that’s not the most convenient solution. Portable powerbanks are also useful but then that’s another device to remember to charge and carry around with you.

With just a few small changes, you can keep your iPhone battery fuller for longer, allowing you to use your phone a lot more before it eventually runs out of power.

1. Reduce screen brightness

One of the heaviest drains on your battery is powering the screen. The brightness setting you choose has a real impact on the amount of energy consumed by the battery. Choosing a lower brightness level will have little impact on how you use the phone, especially if you are listening to music, making calls, or any other activity that doesn’t directly involve watching the screen. A lower setting will save power, so lower those light levels!

2. Engage aeroplane mode when not in service

Another large drain on your battery is when your phone attempts to connect to 3G and 4G. Once it is connected, maintaining the connection requires a steady flow of power, but constantly searching for a connection and not being able to find one uses so much more energy. As such, switch your iPhone to aeroplane mode when not in service to save battery. This is especially important if you will be out of service for a while, such as remote country areas, or if you are taking underground public transport.

Even if you’re in an area with good coverage, but don’t need access to the internet, it’s also worth switching off data. This will save you battery juice and you can still make and receive calls as it’s only your data that you’re disabling.

3. Use WiFi

A lesser known fact is that connecting to WiFi actually uses less battery power than connecting to the internet through 3G or 4G. As such, always use WiFi where possible. Many places now offer free WiFi, so it’s easy to find somewhere – you just need to remember to turn it on! Also, if you are connected to WiFi, then you can save additional power by turning mobile internet off, as you don’t need to be running on two connections.

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