How to Get 6 Months Apple Music Free on Your Phone

Apple finally got into the music-streaming game when they purchased Dr Dre’s Beats Music service and relaunched it as Apple Music in June 2015.  With Apple’s huge base of iPhone users and massive catalogue of music, it presents a genuine alternative and competitor to Spotify, Deezer and the other services that were way ahead of Apple when music streaming services first boomed.

The two big selling points for Apple Music are it’s recommendations based on your music tastes, playlists curated by real people and their 24-hour live radio station Beats 1, which now broadcasts to over 100 countries.

Cool story, but just give me the free Apple Music

If you’re currently on EE or you join EE from another network you can now get Apple Music for 6 months for free when you join or upgrade with Direct Mobiles with this little tip.

Just order your new EE phone from directmobiles.co.uk or give the team a call on 0203 869 4252. When you get your new phone you just need to text the word MUSIC to 150 within 30 days of getting your new phone.  This will then talk you through the setup process including downloading and installing the Apple Music app if you don’t already have it.  This works for new and upgrading customers.

Apple Music normally costs £9.99 so with 6 months free, you’re getting £60 worth of music value.  Even if you’re already on Spotify or another service it’s worth cancelling those even temporarily to not have to pay for your music for half the year!  If you decide to cancel Apple Music and go back to Spotify, all your playlists and saved music will still be there so you don’t lose anything.

Thanks for sorting out the iPhone fans, what about us Android guys?

Don’t worry, you’re included too.  A little known fact, Apple Music works on Android phones too! So if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy you can download the app from the Google Play store and hey presto, you’ve got Apple Music on your Android phone.  Then just follow the process to get your 6 months free.

So who can get this and who can’t?

You can get 6 months free Apple Music within 30 days of joining EE or upgrading via Direct Mobiles – EE pay monthly phone contracts or pay monthly SIM only phone plans are both eligible.

The offer is for both consumer and small business customers. And you have to be using an iOS or Android device.

This offer is NOT available on a tablet plan but you can use Apple Music on your tablet using your Apple ID if you have the Apple Music on EE add-on on your pay monthly or SIM only phone plan.

To take advantage of Apple Music on EE you must have:

  • a pay monthly or SIM only consumer or small business phone plan
  • an active Apple Music on EE subscription
  • a compatible iOS (iOS 8 or later) or Android (4.3 or later) device
  • access to a WiFi or a data connection to stream or download Apple Music, Radio and Connect
  • an Apple ID and password.
  • the Apple Music app installed on your device.

What phones work with this?

You’ll need a compatible iOS (iOS 8 or later) or Android (4.3 or later) device.

What happens after the 6 months free?

Apple Music on EE will appear on your bill in the same way other add-ons do. During the free period, it will appear on your bill as a free service.

After the free period, you can cancel the service or will be charged £9.99 a month for however long you choose to then keep it.  So don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to pay anything further!

Your free period will start from the point that Apple Music on EE is added to your account so it’s important that you activate and start using Apple Music right away.

If you already have Apple Music direct with Apple, you’ll need to cancel your existing subscription – you can cancel this within the Apple Music app. Otherwise, you’ll have two contracts running concurrently and will continue to be charged by Apple.

So there you have it, 6 months free Apple Music worth £60 on the UK’s biggest, fastest network. If you use Apple Music send us your best playlists on our Facebook page and we’ll share our favourites each week.  Chas ‘n Dave anyone?

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