The Best Places To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone For Cash

Looking to make some cash by selling your mobile phone? We’ve checked out the best sites to bag yourself some money from your old phone.

Whether you buy your phone outright (SIM free) or on a pay monthly network plan, when it’s time to upgrade to a new model, you have a decision to make – what to do with the old one.

Some people keep it in their drawer at home as a spare or pass it on to a family member, but selling that old phone for cash is becoming increasingly popular as people realise the value these devices still have. Especially in the current climate of increasing household bills and utilities.

The extra cash can then be used to help fund the cost of a new phone or spent on something else, such as something for the house, a holiday or something from your Amazon Wish List!

With some flagship phone models from the likes of Apple and Samsung worth up to £1000, selling your old phone is something worth considering, rather than have it stashed away in a drawer depreciating in value.

Often, it’s difficult to know the best place to sell your phone. With varying quotes, average selling prices and different terms and conditions, it can over complicate what is essentially a pretty simple process.

Some places can overcomplicate trade ins, with cashback or purchases of new products required to realise the full trade in value of your phone.

We’ve kept it simple here with a guide to the best places to sell your old phone with no a fuss process and cash straight into your bank account once sold.

Facebook Marketplace

A bit like eBay but without the auction feature, with Facebook you list your phone for a fixed price set by you and potential buyers will then contact you via Facebook Messenger. You set the payment and delivery terms, so can decide whether the buyer will need to collect from you and pay on delivery, take payment via PayPal or deliver the phone to them.

Marketplace is great for reaching local people as most of the sales that take place on there are between buyers and sellers that live in the same area.

The risk is that it’s up to you to ensure you get the money and if you’re letting the buyer collect, need to happy with someone you don’t know coming to your house (or going to theirs if you’re delivering). To get round that, you can post the phone to them but you’ll need to agree whether you’re going to take payment first which the buyer may not be keen on.


eBay is the obvious one. List your phone at a fixed price or start a bidding war with an auction. Searching on eBay gives you an idea of what your phone may sell for but it’s not guaranteed. Thanks to eBay’s tight integration with PayPal, you’re protected to a degree and will be able to receive payment before shipping your phone to your buyer.

The challenge with eBay – it’s huge and the price of a product on there is based on supply and demand.

There are a lot of sellers on eBay which means it can be pretty competitive, but on the positive side, due to it’s size, there are also a lot of buyers and you can reach the entire UK and even international customers.


One of the more well-known technology trade in websites, MusicMagpie will give you a value for your phone and you post it in.

If your phone is in the condition you stated, they you’ll receive you money. If they disagree with the condition, they’ll offer you a reduced amount or send the phone back to you.

The process is pretty simple but the prices they’ll pay can fluctuate so it’s worth getting a couple of quotes if you want to get the best possible value for your phone.  They’re rated 4.5 out of 5 on TrustPilot.


A mobile phone marketplace built around bringing fairness to buyers and sellers, Mozillion are the only UK marketplace that lab tests, verifies and adds a 12 month guarantee to every seller’s phone free and handle everything for the buyer.

What this means in reality is that your phone is given an extra ‘value boost’ by offering the buyer some assurances around the quality which means you’re likely to be paid a bit more than you’d probably get from a trade in website.

Like MusicMagpie, you can search on Mozillion for your phone model and they’ll give you a price. If you’re happy with the price you can list your phone on their site and when it sells you send your phone to them and they’ll pass it onto the buyer and pay you your cash. This means you don’t need to deal with the buyer and Mozillion will pick up any after sales queries too.

This also makes it a good place to buy refurbished phones from too.  They have an impressive 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot.


Envirofone work in the same way as MusicMagpie so it’s worth comparing the two for quotes. Search for your phone model on their site and they’ll give you a price. Pack the phone up and send it to Envirofone and if it’s in the condition you stated, they’ll pay you your money. If not, they’ll reduce the quote which you can choose to accept or they’ll return it to you.

Envirofone sell phones too and are rated 4.6 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

Don’t forget to back up your data

One of the requirements for most marketplaces, and indeed something you’ll probably want to do anyway, is that your phone is factory reset with all personal data removed before you sell it.

This means you should take the time to back up all your important photos, contacts, emails and other documents somewhere else so you don’t lose them when you sell your phone.

Remove any accounts from the phone too so as not to give anyone else access to your account logins and passwords.

If you have a question about selling your phone, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

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