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An Apple Fan Switching from iPhone to Android | Part 2

A lifelong Apple fan gives up their iPhone to try out Android.

You can read Part One of The Android Diaries: Switching from iPhone to Android here.

I second guessed myself every step of the way as I carefully extracted the SIM from my iPhone 7 and inserted it into my new Honor 20 Lite.

I felt helpless and vulnerable. How would people find me on WhatsApp? How would the school PTA know my plans for our event on Saturday? What would happen to all the photos that I synced to my iCloud account?  I was throwing caution to the wind but knew in my heart that it was time for a glossy upgrade.

The first exciting moment was when I realised that I didn’t have to fish around in the ‘man drawer’ for one of our old SIM adaptors as the Honor 20 Lite fits any SIM! An important annoyance that I’ve experienced before now removed, which I really appreciated.

Once the SIM was in, the phone connected immediately. I had to download WhatsApp from Google’s Play Store but the groups and chats were all still there. I didn’t have the very latest messages though, may be they hadn’t synced to the cloud before I switched off my iPhone?

As I have an iCloud account, I had to faff about remembering my Google login to get into my Honor 20 Lite initially and then add my iCloud account for email but that was okay as I already use several Google Drives anyway so it felt pretty seamless and straightforward to get set up.

I had charged the Honor fully before using and was terrified to carry it’s sacred blue body around without a case but I slipped it into a universal Phanyard case and all was well.  I wasn’t going to drop or lose it for the foreseeable future which would have broken my heart, especially as this phone has such a nice glossy finish – makes it a bit more interesting than the standard black and grey phones we see everywhere.

I didn’t bother to download most of the apps that I had on my iPhone, including Facebook (bliss). I love an excuse to go incognito for a while and a new phone is the perfect excuse.

Honor 20 Lite
The Honor 20 Lite. My first Android phone.

It was my Dad’s birthday this weekend so the perfect time to show off my new phone and try out the camera features! My Dad has also been thinking of making the transition from Apple to Android so we looked at the camera together (we are also both keen photographers) and were delighted with the Honor 20 Lite’s camera features. The photos were a lot sharper too and we could zoom right in without losing detail which was a great way to capture the kids playing naturally without them spotting us and pulling the inevitable silly face.

I love having Google on the front page and it was used frequently when we needed to look up celebrity ages and when the next season of Big Little Lies was coming out over dinner.

Dad wasn’t sure about the size of the phone and I have to agree that it is a stretch for my small hands but it doesn’t feel any heavier which is a result.

Watching content on it is a dream too as the screen is pretty much the same size as a mini television and the quality is superb, ideal for Netflix.

The next discovery will be all the apps that I have never seen before in the Google Play Store!  I am excited to explore them one by one and have never been scared to press a few buttons and see what happens.

I also need to get all my contacts off of my iPhone but I am not rushing to do that right now, it feels like I on a technology holiday and the day to day can just wait for a while.

You can read Part One of The Android Diaries: Switching from iPhone to Android here.  Part 3 will be coming soon.

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