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An Apple Fan Switches from iPhone to Android | Part 3

Part 3 as an Apple super-fan switches from using an iPhone to an Android phone.

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Okay, I admit it, I struggled to set up my iCloud email on my Honor 20 Lite land couldn’t see all my contacts so I changed back to my iPhone out of pure laziness really.

Everything else had been easy to set up but my iPhone calendar, contacts and email were requiring effort so I caved. The next evening I went out with a close friend who happens to be on Android and she convinced me not to give up and to give it another try.

It also struck me that maybe it wasn’t a bad thing that I couldn’t access my iCloud emails? I have a ‘thing’ that I hate having anything unread in my inbox so I am forever clearing it out. Maybe it would be good to do this once a day on my laptop rather than every few hours? I also remembered how useful it was to say that I was ‘changing phones’ to people as a great excuse to stay off the grid (and the zillions of WhatsApp groups I have been pulled into) so it actually maybe hugely liberating to maximise this position.

As a 43 year old ex-corporate telecoms employee, I have witnessed every stage of the mobile phone life cycle and I am now at a point where I longer want to be quite so contactable and long for the days when there was just a landline. I remember when the Blackberry was dubbed the ‘Crackberry’ because the urge to check email when not in the office was so immense. Look at us now! Email has become an old reliable friend in contrast to social media. In fact, my husband said he doesn’t really use email as much anymore at work. So many platforms, so little time.

What do I really want from my phone? I want to be able to take good quality photos and video (one of the reasons I have decided to give the Honor 20 Lite a whirl), I want to be contactable by the chosen few on my chosen social media and messaging platforms, but that really is it. The rest of the phone functionality can chuff off, oh….apart from the shared calendar with my family. That is pretty useful when we remember to update it.

I do still want to check my email and use the internet but I want to do it from my laptop at carefully allotted times (first thing in the morning is a good time for me) and certainly not when I am with the kids which is often the temptation. So I may be standing in a queue and have nothing to do, so what? I always carry a pen for moments of enlightenment and I miss the extensive day dreaming of yesteryear.

I also want to know that charging my phone once a day is ENOUGH! Another reason that I am trying an Android phone out. I am sick of carrying a charger around with me everywhere and praying for a plug socket in my train carriage.

So that’s it then, I am going to use the new phone as an excuse to go off the grid for a while while enjoying the better battery life and camera promised by the Honor phone. I am not going to bother trying to set up my iCloud email and I certainly won’t be bothering with any of the new social media apps outside of the ones I already use. Have I finally found the digital peace I have been looking for?

Read Part One and Part Two of The Android Diaries: Switching from iPhone to Android.

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