5 Ways To Be More Productive With Your Phone

The average adult in the UK spends 2 hours and 29 minutes a day on their mobile device.

How much of that time on your phone is actually productive?

We want to help you make the most of time spent on your smartphone.  To help, we’ve put together a list of 5 things that will make mobile-time, productive time!

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1. Reorganise Your Phone

Our phones act as our virtual bedroom. It stores our diary, contacts, photos, games, emails, messages, and everything in between.

Just like you need to clean your room every once in a while, it’s important to clean up your smartphone.

Organise your apps into neat little packages or folders and find what you’re looking for more easily, and get rid of that Angry Birds-clone you haven’t played in five years. Mashable has identified seven creative ways to organise your mobile and increase your productivity while you’re at it.

2. Learn a New Language

Use your smartphone to broaden your horizon. One of the most popular and productive activities to do on your smartphone is learn a new language.

Apps like DuoLingo and podcasts like Coffee Break from Radio Lingua make learning a new language fun, easy, and accessible. They are also available in all of the leading languages.

Whether you’re on the train home or waiting for the bus, language apps are designed for users that only have a few minutes to spare. Use different apps in tandem and learn visually and audibly to increase retention.  You’ll be all ready for the Japan 2020 Olympics in no time!

3. Start Reading More

Spending your commute to and from work playing snake on your iPhone may be blissfully mindless, but is it really the best use of your time? Why not spend your daily commute with a good book?

Apps like Kindle and iBooks make reading on your phone easy. Adjust the font size, the colour of the page, and brightness for a read that’s easy on the eyes.

If you prefer a more audible experience, try audio books. Apps like Audible have thousands of books available so you can sit back, relax, and sink into a new story.

Need some literary inspiration? Check out Waterstones’ best sellers.

4. Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Monitor your mood and reduce stress with soothing apps and games that are designed to take the edge off.

Take a moment for yourself and breathe a little easier with apps like Headspace, a daily meditation app. Spend your morning commute getting relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

5. Learn Something New

The days of talk radio aren’t really gone, they’ve just adapted.

Podcasts have taken the modern world by storm thanks to their versatility, accessibility, and a wide range of topics.

Whatever your interests are, there is sure to be a podcast that discusses them at length. From cooking and film to true crime and lore, podcasts are becoming the go-to method to expand horizons and learn something new.

Make the Most of Your Phone

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