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5 Reasons to Choose iPhone 8 as Your Next Phone

We take a closer look at why the iPhone 8 could be the best phone for you.

Reason 1: Size

The iPhone 8 is great for one massive, well tiny reason. It’s size. It’s easy to forget that these days, most people don’t want a gigantic phone. They want something that fits into their hand and can be used without having to perch the phone awkwardly, or use two hands. The iPhone 8 manages to balance the need for a compact size, while keeping the same power and performance as the bigger phone.

Reason 2: Camera

Aside from a few features, the iPhone 8 is every bit the phone the 8 Plus is. The dual camera on the 8 Plus is great but the iPhone 8 still manages to create amazing snaps with no hassle. Some people will like and prefer the simpler camera on the smaller phone. You don’t get depth effect but a whole lot of people never use those features anyway. The camera on the iPhone 8 is amazing, and capable of producing truly stunning photos.

Reason 3: Amazing Value

There are a lot of reasons to want an iPhone 8 and the 64GB entry model gives you access to Apple’s amazing hardware and software, and does so at a decent price. There are of course cheaper phones and if you want to save, you can still buy Apple’s iPhone 7 for an even better bet. But if you have to have the latest, then this iPhone has it all. That gorgeous glass back, features like wireless charging and of course the beautiful screen.

Reason 4: The Screen

A smaller phone doesn’t mean a worse screen and the iPhone 8 proves that with its amazing 4.7 inch panel. What you get on the 8 is Apple’s wide colour gamut, which means that they’ve squeeze every last drop of colour onto the screen. That means that movies, photos and even games look stunning. You also get true tone, which adjusts the screen colours to match the environment you’re in, daylight is blue, indoor lights tend to be a little bit more orange so the phone projects the ambient light and tweaks the display in sympathy with it. It produces the best possible colour.

Reason 5: Water Resistant

Although this isn’t different to the iPhone 8 Plus, it’s one of the iPhone’s most important features. The ability to resist water and survive to tell the tale, makes the iPhone 8 a great phone for anyone living a busy and fun-packed life. Don’t worry about it in a pub, at the beach or in the shower. And while it’s not advisable to deliberately water-resistant phones, it’s a really great back up.

So there are your five reasons to choose the iPhone 8. You can watch the full video below. The iPhone 8 is available to buy now at Direct Mobiles.

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