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5 of The Best Geeky Valentine Gifts

Surprise your partner with the perfect Valentine Gift, here are 5 of the best present ideas for smartphone lovers.

Smartplane (approx £42)

smartplane-tobyrich-1You’ve heard about smartphone-controlled cars but they’re likely to be a little way in the future as well as a bit pricey, so how about a remote controlled aeroplane which you fly using a smartphone? Using Bluetooth technology and your handset as the controller, all you need to do is install the app and move your smartphone around to fly the plane. It’s pretty simple and easy to do and the Smartplane is robust with a fun design and has a decent 60-metre range. Guaranteed to put a smile on any gadget-lovers face.

Swarovski Betty Romantic Smartphone Case (around £60)

SwarovskiIf your other half likes the finer things in life then this beautiful Swarovski case which perfectly fits the new iPhone 6 will make a big impression. The Betty Romantic mobile phone case is very eye-catching with its sparkling crystal and crystal pearl design which features a lovely heart motif in the middle. The case comes in stunning hues of silver and really sets the iPhone 6 off to perfection.

Sound Asleep Pillow (£30)

Sound_Asleep_PillowIdeal for winding down and easing away the stresses of a busy day, this luxury pillow comes with a built-in speaker and can be used with smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. Listen to your favourite music or relax and enjoy an audio book before bedtime whilst drifting off to sleep, the Sound Asleep Pillow is great for using at home or when you’re travelling.

Tory Burch Kerrington Smartphone Wristlet (£120)

tory-burchIf you want to splash out then how about a smartphone wristlet, essentially a small purse which you can wear on your wrist which is big enough for your phone and a couple of other essentials such as money and credit cards. Our favourite design is the Valentine’s Amore which is navy with pink and white hearts. There are some other gifts in the range which are a not quite as expensive such as smartphone cases and a FitBit bracelet for the FitBit Flex which are sure to be popular.

Chargekey (£19.99)

ChargeKey_thumbOne way to your lover’s heart would be a gadget which keeps their smartphone charged at all times. The Chargekey is one of the smallest and most compact mobile chargers available and it’s compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. Attach it to your keyring and you just need a USB port to get your smartphone charging, no more stressing that you’ve forgotten your charger.

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