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5 Essential Apps For Bloggers

With over 500 million (and counting) blogs in the world and a sizeable fraction of bloggers looking to earn income from their site as well as generate traffic, the competition is fierce. Your phone is a vital part of your ‘toolkit’ as a blogger. Not only can you take photos on it, but you can use your device for much more to help manage your blog. Today we are sharing with you our top five app choices for bloggers which are available on iPhone as well as Android devices.

Google Analytics

This is the ultimate way to keep track of traffic and other stats on your blog. This is important as brands may ask you for this at a later date if you are ever working on collaborations, and it also helps you keep track of how well your blog is doing. Sadly Blogger and WordPress are not usually that accurate when it comes to analytics, but you can install the Google Analytics app and then place the code into your blog’s HTML – this will allow the app to track your site’s performance including stats such as traffic, bounce rate and where your readers are coming from.


Using Lightroom on a mobile device is effortless, and you can create fantastic photo edits in a matter of minutes. Lightroom uses presets, which you can put on top of your image to complete most of the editing for you. There are presets for colour balance, lighting and even some for special effects. You can create your own presets so they are available every time you go to edit a photo.


UNUM allows you to import your photos and plan your Instagram feed in advance. Recently, UNUM has enabled a new feature which can post images on your behalf at a scheduled time and date. The app will also tell you which hashtags work best, your most liked photo and best posting times. This then allows you to work on your Instagram feed in more detail.


Buffer is mostly used for scheduling social media posts. Using it for Twitter allows you to schedule your latest blog posts within the app and then choose times to post each day. It will then publish these for you until you run out of posts. With Buffer, you can also reuse previous tweets and put them back in the line up to be tweeted out again.

Google Drive

Using the Google Drive app allows you to store your work on Google so it’s available to you across all your devices. This is great for word documents, videos, pictures and spreadsheets. If you regularly work on the move or like to move your work between multiple devices easily, this is the app for you.  You can also easily give others access to selected files, for example, if you’re working on a blog with a friend.

If you’re a blogger, do you have another favourite app you can recommend? Let us know in the Comments below.

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