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Aspiring musician? 4 of the best music-making apps for your iPhone

Lay down some mobile beats.

Over the last decade, we have seen smartphones such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia introduce all kinds of new features and functions we’d have never thought possible on a mobile. Indeed, for many people, the need for a laptop or desktop computer has been erased by these mobile phones, with apps available to help you complete pretty much any task you can think of.

Of course, iPhone and Android games are amongst the most popular apps today, as well as the various social media apps, however, your phone can also help you with your hobbies and learning new skills. Music-making is undeniably one of the entertaining and fulfilling ways of doing this, so read ahead for 4 of the best music-making apps for your iPhone.


For those of us who are using iOS devices, you simply cannot beat Garageband for getting started with music making on an iPhone. This program has achieved legendary status throughout the Mac community, as the OS version has been the introduction to music-making software for millions of aspiring musicians.

It is a relatively simple DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), however, since its release for the iOS platform in 2011, Apple has added more and more features, including virtual drummers who can accompany your guitar playing or singing.

Nowadays the most up-to-date version of iOS Garageband is easily enough for musicians to make entire tracks on, and even features things like Midi compatibility and a huge variety of virtual instruments, beats, loops and even guitar and vocal effects.


Moog is one of the most iconic synthesiser brands of all time, with a range of instruments that have made their way into many of the biggest hits over the last several decades. Now you can get that classic Moog sound from your iPhone, with the Animoog app.

Sure, at £28.99 it is definitely on the pricier side of music-making apps, however, this is also a complete bargain when you compare it to the price of a genuine Moog synth – some of which are well over £1000!

Korg iElectribe

The Gorillaz and former Blur frontman Damon Albarn allegedly sketched out a entire album using just the Korg iElectribe app and a few guitars whilst touring the US in 2010 – do you really need us to tell you how good this app is after that?

This app is modelled on the iconic Korg Electribe-R, a piece of music-making hardware that combines a sequencer alongside various percussion and synthesiser possibilities. If you want to make quick beats on the fly on your iPhone it just does not get better than the Korg iElectribe app.

Steinberg Cubasis 2

Cubase is amongst the top 3 most used DAWs in the world, and it was only a matter of time until Steinberg made an iPhone compatible version. Steinberg Cubasis is without a doubt the most powerful iOS DAW we have ever seen, with unlimited audio and midi tracks available in each project, as well as full VST integration.

The other great thing about Steinberg Cubasis 2 is that it seamlessly connects with Cubase on a desktop, meaning that musicians can mix-down their iOS project easily on a desktop computer setup.

We look forward to hearing your next smash hit!

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