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The Best Mobile Deals For Under £20 A Month

Need a decent smartphone that does the job? Look no further than this lot.

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Those premium flagship phones grab all the headlines, with their quadruple cameras, facial recognition and liquid-cooled processors but what about the rest of us that just want a decent phone that works. A phone that can take a good quality photo, give me access to all my social media accounts, play my Spotify and let me watch the odd episode of Brooklyn 99 on the train ride home? Well we hear you. We’ve rounded up the best mobile phone deals that cost no more than £20 a month.

We haven’t just looked for ‘cheap’ here or that would be too easy. This list includes phones that we think are also up to the job of being able to cope with every day tasks, includes at least 1GB of data and those we think are highly rated in terms of their performance for the money.

Mobile Deals for under £20 a month

Samsung Galaxy A20e  | From £11.99 a month

Samsung have been pretty smart with their Galaxy series of phones. There’s the flagship Samsung S20 at the top end but then they’ve released a range of more affordable models that often include some flagship features, and at the very least, look great. The A20e is no exception with it’s 5.8″ Super AMOLED screen and a 13 megapixel camera.
View Samsung Galaxy A20e deals

Huawei P Smart 2019  | From £11.99 a month

Huawei are known for packing extra features into their phones when compared to other similar priced phones and the P Smart 2019 edition is no different. AI-powered photos, a smooth 6″ display and plenty of storage, it’s one of our favourite phones for under £20 a month.
View Huawei P Smart 2019 deals

Sony Galaxy A51 | From £17 a month

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is another well built phone in the Galaxy range. 128GB of storage gives you plenty of space for apps and photos and it packs a quadruple lens camera, supported by a large 6.5 inch display.  One of the best value Samsung phones you can buy.
View Samsung Galaxy A51 deals

iPhone 7 | From £17 a month

One of the most popular iPhone models ever, can now be found at a bargain price of just £17 a month. It’s a reliable and well-specced phone, despite it’s age. If you don’t want to opt for the slightly pricier but more powerful iPhone SE, but still want an iPhone, then this is your best bet. We’d recommend going for the iPhone SE below if you can afford it, otherwise this is a great deal.
View iPhone 7 deals

iPhone SE (2020)  | From £19 a month 

The iPhone SE is the latest model to be released by Apple. To get it for under £20 a month you’ll need to sign up to a 36 month contract rather than 24 but then how often do you upgrade your phone now? 24 month deals under £20 a month are also available if you pay something upfront. The best thing about this iPhone is that it uses the same processor found in the flagship iPhone 11 Pro. Some real power for your money and a great upgrade from the iPhone 6s, 7 or 8.
View iPhone SE deals

Looking for even more deals under £20 a month? Here you go…

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