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The Best Mobile Deals For Under £20 A Month

Need a decent smartphone that just works? Look no further.

Those premium flagship phones grab all the headlines, with their quadruple cameras, facial recognition and liquid-cooled processors but what about the rest of us that just want a decent phone that works. A phone that can take a good quality photo, give me access to all my social media accounts, play my Spotify and let me watch the odd episode of Brooklyn 99 on the train ride home? Well we hear you, so we’ve rounded up the best mobile phone deals that cost no more than £20 a month, and yes you’ll even find an iPhone or two in there. 

We haven’t just looked for ‘cheap’ here or that would be too easy. This list includes phones that we think are also up to the job of being able to cope with every day tasks, includes at least 1GB of data and those we think are highly rated in terms of their performance for the money. With some of the deals we’ve also included an alternative version which includes more data in case you feel you need it.

Mobile Deals for under £20 a month

Motorola E5 Play  | FREE upfront | 1GB data | 500 minutes & unlimited texts | £9 a month

Good old Motorola, reliable and helping people stay connected since the 70s. Don’t worry, this particular  model is from the current era of smartphones, rocking an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera, all day battery life, water repellent design and even fingerprint security. Not bad for less than a tenner a month. It includes 1GB of data and is on Tesco Mobile which runs on O2’s network. If you need a bit more data there’s a 2GB version for £11.50 a month also available.
Click here get this Motorola E5 Play deal from Tesco Mobile

Huawei Y7 2019  | FREE upfront | 1GB data | 250 minutes & unlimited texts | £12.99 a month

Huawei are known for packing extra features into their phones when compared to other similar priced phones and the Y7 is no different. A 6.26 inch HD bright display, a 13 megapixel dual-lens main camera plus a selfie camera hidden away in the ‘dew drop’ on the screen means this phone really looks the part too, plus it’s got a very decently sized 4000mAh battery. And don’t worry about all that Huawei news stuff as they’ve confirmed this week all existing devices will continue to be supported with updates, etc. If you need more data 1GB included, there’s a 5GB plan available for £16.99 a month.
Click here get this Huawei Y7 2019 deal from iD Mobile

iPhone 6s  | FREE upfront | 1GB data | 250 minutes & unlimited texts | £16.99 a month

An iPhone for under £20 a month? Yep. Okay, it’s the iPhone 6s but bear in mind, it’ll still get this year’s iOS 13 software update which will speed up older iPhones and make them more efficient. With an iPhone you know what you’re getting, a great screen, powerful camera and one of the easiest operating systems in the world to use. This deal is on iD Mobile but there’s a 2GB and unlimited minutes deal on EE for £20/m also available.
Grab this iPhone 6s deal from Carphone Warehouse

Sony Xperia L3  | FREE upfront | 12GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £18 a month

Sony are known for their reliable phones and their decent mobile cameras (they make lenses for some of the other phone manufacturers too). The Sony L3 has a 5.7 inch 18:9 HD+ screen which is great for watching TV shows and films. The screen is made of Corning Gorillia Glass 5 so it’s nice and sturdy, plus you get a 13 megapixel dual-lens camera (that can do that cool blurry background photo shooting) and fingerprint security. And yep, 12GB of data due to Sky’s current offer.
Click here to get this deal from Sky Mobile

Honor 8S  | FREE upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £13.17 a month (effective)

Okay with this deal you need to be clever. Buy it through Fonehouse and you’ll go on a £34 a month Vodafone plan BUT you get a massive £500 cashback which brings the effective cost down to just £13.17 a month! Just remember to claim the cashback which is easily done by putting a reminder in your calendar. The Honor 8S is the latest phone from Honor and has a really impressive spec for the money, plus it looks great too. If you need more data there’s a 50GB plan available too.
Click here to get this Honor 8S deal from Fonehouse

Samsung Galaxy A40  | FREE upfront | 1GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £19 a month

If the S-series is Samsung’s top end range of smartphones, then the A-series can be considered as the mid-range. The A40 is a great looking phone and in addition to being under £20 a month, you can also claim £114 cashback from Affordable Mobiles on this EE deal, plus £40 from Samsung themselves! It’s got a nice, bright 5.9 inch Full HD AMOLED display, a 25 megapixel dual-lens camera and plenty of RAM.
Grab this Samsung A40 deal from Affordable Mobiles

Sony Xperia 10  | FREE upfront | 2GB data | Unlimited minutes & texts | £20 a month

If you watch a lot of films on your phone then this one from Sony is worth checking out. It has a 21:9 ratio screen which is the same ratio as movies are shot in so you get the full widescreen experience. The extra screen space also comes in handy for scrolling through apps such as Facebook and Twitter. The deal is £20 a month on EE but you can also claim £96 cashback. Or there is a 1GB deal available for £19 a month on O2.
Click here to get this deal from Mobiles.co.uk

Honor 8S  | SIM Free | Unlocked | £99

Okay, this deal isn’t strictly under £20 a month but its such good value it’s worth highlighting. You pay £99 to buy the Honor 8S outright and then stick your own SIM card in it. If you have an existing SIM you can use that or if you need a SIM only deal you can get one for as little as £3.99 a month here.
Click here to buy the Honor 8S from Carphone and then search ‘Honor 8S’ in their search bar

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