Grab 100GB of Data For £9.50 But Only Until Monday

Exclusive SIM only deal includes unlimited call and texts too

We’re always on the eye out for ways to save money on your phone bill and this 100GB deal is definitely a highlight of the year so far.

What’s the deal?

For £9.50 a month you can currently grab 100GB of data a month plus unlimited calls and texts.  It’s from online retailer Mobiles.co.uk and is on iD Mobile which is powered by Three’s network.

The 100GB is 5G ready so if you have a 5G compatible phone, you’ll benefit from the faster speeds, but it works just fine with 4G too.

The deal includes £66 cashback which you can claim direct from Mobiles.co.uk. Your phone bill will be £15 a month and then the cashback reduces your bill effectively to £9.50 a month – just be sure to claim the cashback, which you can do online each month.

It’s available until 5pm Monday 10th May.

Cashback Claim Process

You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

See the below table on when you should send your bills to Mobiles.co.uk

BillClaim Amount
Bill Dated August 2021£13.20
Bill Dated October 2021£13.20
Bill Dated December 2021£13.20
Bill Dated February 2022£13.20
Bill Dated April 2022£13.20

You can make your claims via your My Account which you’ll be able to register for once you’ve placed your order. It’s a quick and easy process which will allow you to redeem your cashback throughout your contract.  Remember to register an account with your chosen network provider too, this will allow you to download the bills for the required months to claim.

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