Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017

Galaxy unpacked invite

Join us here at 4pm tomorrow for live coverage and all the latest news from the Samsung Unpacked event as they announce their latest premium handset, and possibly a few more surprises.

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Less than 24 hours until the big announcement, this is going to something special.

We are here live for the Samsung event and the introduction has begun – we’ll be bringing you the announcements as they happen.

After a short video, the Samsung S8 and S8 plus have been announced. The Galaxy S8 will be a new type of smartphone with a new ‘infinity’ display – an end to end screen – the whole front of the phone is glass. The phone is literally ‘unboxed’ with no hard edges. The screen has no bezels, so it covers the whole front of the device. Gives the user more room to multi-task and enjoy immersive entertainment.

With this display, you will be able to enjoy HDR content on mobile – a new cover lets you watch with the phone propped up.

There is an invisible home button. The interface matches the infinity display using curves.

It will be available in 5 colours.

The camera will allow you to take multiple images and put them together for the best image – multi-frame processing.

Front-facing camera has an 8 megapixel camera for great selfies.

It will be water and dust resistant.

It has a 10nm processor for powerful, fast results in performance and battery-saving.

It has wireless charging.

The phone has gone through an extensive battery-testing process.

It has a fingerprint and iris scanner plus a face recognition option.

Samsung Pay will be integrated into the phone.

Password storage app called Samsung Pass balancing security and convenience.

Use Samsung Health to track fitness – new ask an expert feature to connect online with a doctor.

A new way to interact with your phone – a virtual assistant called Bixby.

Bixby will understand context – what’s happening on the screen and work with that for voice commands. There will be a Bixby button on the side of the phone.

Bixby has intelligence built into the camera – search for images, shop online, translate languages.

Take a photo of something you want to buy and Bixby can find that item online.

Bixby can organise cards from other apps according to time of day and what you have used in the past.

Internet of Things – Samsung Connect can control connected devices in your home – ie checking what’s in your fridge from a supermarket.

Also announcing Samsung Connect Home – a combined router and control hub for your connected devices.

Every Galaxy S8 will come with a pair of top-range AKG earbuds.

For VR, there will be a motion-sensing VR controller for Gear VR. There will be VR content from the Ghost in the Shell movie plus new games and news from Buzzfeed.

New Gear 360 – more portable with 4K quality and ability to livestream through Facebook for example.

Samsung DeX – use it to power a desktop from your phone. Plug the phone into a cradle to start the desktop experience. Brings all your apps on to a desktop screen.

The event has come to an end and we have seen the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus announced with it’s edgeless display, powerful camera and processing speed plus the new virtual assistant Bixby.

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