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EE’s Black Friday £20 Home Broadband Deal Includes 20GB Free Mobile Data and more

We can barely keep up with the amount of Black Friday deals coming our way at the moment.  This latest offer is for EE Home Broadband and when you do the maths on this, it’s probably one of the best home broadband deals around for those that could do with some extra data for their mobile too.

• £0 Set up fees across all plans
• Free mobile data increased to a massive 20GB across all plans

For just £20 a month, you get EE Home Broadband, plus no set up fee (normally £10)  and on top of that you get 20GB a month extra free data for your EE mobile phone.  Seeing as you’d normally expect to pay around £20-£30 a month (£240-£360 a year!) for 20GB of EE mobile data, this deal gets you a home broadband connection too so is amazing value for EE customers.

EE Home Broadband Black Friday deal
EE Home Broadband includes their new and improved router with better WiFi coverage.

But I don’t need any more mobile data?

If you don’t need to extra 20GB mobile data, just give it away to your family!  EE lets you gift your unused mobile data via the MyEE app to other mobile lines on your account, so you could use that extra 20GB to top your kids’ data allowance up and stop then running out.

In addition to the standard EE Home Broadband package, EE are also offering Fibre for £25 a month also with 20GB a month free mobile data and no set up fee along with their their Fibre Plus, Fibre Max 1 and Fibre Max 2 plans too.  All EE Home Broadband plans are truly unlimited so there are no data caps.

EE Home Broadband Black Friday 2018 Deals

  • EE Standard £20/m | Setup fee £10 £0 | Free mobile data 5GB 20GB
  • Fibre £25/m | Setup fee £25 £0 | Free mobile data 5GB 20GB
  • Fibre Plus £30/m | Setup fee £0 | Free mobile data 5GB 20GB
  • Fibre Max 1 £40/m | Setup fee £0 | Free mobile data 5GB 20GB
  • Fibre Max 2 £47/m | Setup fee £0 | Free mobile data 5GB 20GB

The Black Friday offer is available from today at Direct Mobiles, you can either order online or call the Home Broadband team on 0203 869 4252.  Direct Mobiles will take care of everything, including simply switching your broadband over and ensuring you get your extra free mobile data each month.

Black Friday 2018 is on Friday 23rd November but there are plenty of deals available in the run up to the big day. We’ll keep you posted as more are revealed.

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