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100GB For £15 | Amazing 30 Day SIM Only Deal Has Been Extended

Offer has been extended until May 28th

Smarty, the MVNO that runs on Three’s network have had some pretty spectacular SIM Only deals over the last year and this latest launch is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best SIM Only deals we’ve ever seen.

The plan costs £15 a month and includes a whopping 100GB of data plus unlimited minutes and texts. It’s on a short 30 day rolling contract too which means it’s ideal for customers that are at the end of their current contract and want a new deal, either keeping their existing phone or waiting until a new one launches that they like the look of.

£15 a month will normally get you 50GB of data from Smarty, so with this deal you’re getting double the data for your money. Ideal if you’re a heavy data user and use your phone for lots of music streaming, videos or online gaming.

As you can tether with Smarty, other mobile users near you can also benefit from the data.

The deal is available from Smarty until midnight (23:59) on 6th April 2020 May 28th 2020.

At Direct Mobiles we always say, if you’re at the end of your mobile contract, you should make sure you either upgrade to a new phone or shop around for a better deal. If you decide your current phone works just fine, then switch to a SIM Only deal as it can reduce your monthly bill.

Smarty is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which is owned and run by Three. All their plans are on short 1 month contracts and they have the added benefit of allowing tethering, which means you can use your 100GB data for internet on your laptop, games console or tablet as well as your phone.

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