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Video: Unboxing the Nexus 5X

Check out this video from PhoneArena that runs through the unboxing of the Nexus 5X – the third collaboration between Google and LG. Highlights There’s a single front-facing speaker, fingerprint scanner (Nexus Imprint), an oleophobic coating to repel smudges on the 5.2 inch display, the interesting USB Type-C cable and what Marshmallow – the latest … Read moreVideo: Unboxing the Nexus 5X

Infographic: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung has uploaded an interesting infographic that depicts the S6 Edge Plus’ features such as the dual edge display, payments, the camera and the user interface itself. It’s a unique way to inform consumers about the exclusive features that the phone has and we definitely want to see more of these from manufacturers. Take a look:

samsung s6 edge plus infographic

Like it? Want it? Head over to our website to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus now!

Donating via Mobile: Social Good Apps

The past month has been filled with heartbreaking stories about Syrian refugees. You may have read posts from your friends or family on Facebook asking for donations and wanted to help, but didn’t know how to transfer the money safely. Or maybe you are offline. This is where apps – rather than websites – have an advantage. Here’s how you can let your generosity flow without having to access a laptop – just use an app. Several bank apps offer options to donate instantly to reputed charities too, like Barclay’s PingIt.


This smart app uses image recognition to recognise which charity you’ve just clicked a pic of, searching through its database of thousands of charities. You can then select the amount (minimum is £2) and use PayPal or your credit card to transfer the money. The SnapDonate app also works offline, placing your transfer on hold until you are back on mobile data/ WiFi.




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EBay for Charity

eBay has tied up with charities such

Read moreDonating via Mobile: Social Good Apps

5 Useful Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S6 Users

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a brilliant smartphone, but it only gets better with these simple tricks. Use them to improve your productivity, cut down on typos, enhance privacy and hasten things up! 1. Swipe It: Faster Keypad Swiping to type is not just faster, but it also gets rid of all those annoying typos you get … Read more5 Useful Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S6 Users

Make A Splash With These Waterproof Mobiles

Oops, i dropped my Nexus into a puddle. It’s raining and I shake it, hoping it hasn’t suffered any damage. Maybe I should just get a waterproof phone?

Haven’t we all wished technology had advanced enough to not be challenged by a little splash? Sure, we have water-resistant phones today but where are those really waterproof ones we need when we spill our drink on it? Or drop it down the toilet?

We scouted through the best smartphones launched recently and those that are going to be launched this year, to bring you this list of mobiles designed for the swimmers, water babies and yes, us clumsy ones too!

Check them out and share your experiences with smartphone vs water battles with us!

Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘Active’

Samsung’s smartphone, unveiled last month and rumoured to be launched soon here in the UK, has a rugged exterior so even if you drop it while chatting with your mate while having a bath you won’t have a panic attack.

A stronger version of the S6 (which isn’t water compatible at all), the ‘Active’ boasts an octa-core 64-bit processor and packs a whopping 3500 mAh battery. Samsung claims in The Independent that the body of the smartphone meets military standards and can be submersed under 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes.

Moto G

Motorola’s uber popular series has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which is what good GPS units use. As an indicator of immersion capability, the IPX7 is superior to IPX6 certification by allowing for heavy splashing and rain, as opposed to splashing from a puddle or a quick dunk.

Sony Xperia Z3+

Sony’s latest Xperia – the Z3+ – floats above the rest with an IPX8 rating and exquisite looks, along with a solid battery life of 2 days. Let’s say no more and invite you to watch this video instead:

Read moreMake A Splash With These Waterproof Mobiles

Quad-Core vs. Octa-Core Processors – What’s the Difference?

You’ve no doubt noticed that when mobile phone manufacturers detail the specifications of their smartphones, the core power of the processors inside the handsets is always mentioned. But does it really matter if you have an octa-core (eight cores) or quad-core (four cores) processor and what difference does it actually make? Octa-core processors are a … Read moreQuad-Core vs. Octa-Core Processors – What’s the Difference?

5 of The Best Geeky Valentine Gifts

Surprise your partner with the perfect Valentine Gift, here are 5 of the best present ideas for smartphone lovers. Smartplane (approx £42) You’ve heard about smartphone-controlled cars but they’re likely to be a little way in the future as well as a bit pricey, so how about a remote controlled aeroplane which you fly using … Read more5 of The Best Geeky Valentine Gifts