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The Great Debate: Android and iOS go Head to Head

Close up shot of woman shopping. She standing in mobile phone shop and choosing next phone model for her.

Choosing between these two operating systems is the biggest decision you’ll have to make when choosing a new smartphone. Read here for our breakdown of Android and iOS! It’s one of the major conundrums when it comes to smartphone technology: the choice between the Android and iOS. It’s always worth weighing up the differences between … Read moreThe Great Debate: Android and iOS go Head to Head

Slay Your Selfie! 5 Tips To Take The Best Selfie Ever

A picture of two happy girl friends taking selfie in the city

Is your selfie game lacking something? Don’t despair! Read these 5 tips for taking the best selfie ever. Smartphone technology allows us to take photos wherever, whenever and no trend in photography exemplifies that more than the selfie. Whether you’re by yourself, with some friends, or – our favourite – hanging with your pets, selfies dominate … Read moreSlay Your Selfie! 5 Tips To Take The Best Selfie Ever

The 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks to Chat Like a Pro

Social network, Chatting and messaging concept, Closeup woman hand holding smart phone, Mock up to screen chat box.

Are you looking to get more out of your WhatsApp chat sessions? Here are the 10 best WhatsApp tricks to chat like a pro. More than any other app, WhatsApp has opened up a world of fun chats, shared photos and crazy emoticons to everybody with a smartphone. But there are lots of features just a … Read moreThe 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks to Chat Like a Pro

This Week’s Tech News – Ataribox, Google and Samsung

Retro games machines have been popularised by Nintendo and now Atari are planning to release the Ataribox, which will features classic Atari games and perhaps even some new titles. The look of the console recalls the Atari 2600. No games have been announced yet, so which would you like to see – perhaps Space Invaders, … Read moreThis Week’s Tech News – Ataribox, Google and Samsung

3 Cool Star Wars Apps & Games

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out and breaking box office records. It’s not just the media that’s going on hyperdrive – games and apps are being released to capture the attention of everyone, young and old. We aren’t resistant to this kind of magic! So we dipped into the force and picked up a few … Read more3 Cool Star Wars Apps & Games

How To: The Samsung S6 Edge’s Camera

Continuing our “how to” series that demystifies the jargon around smartphone cameras, today we talk about the Samsung S6 Edge’s camera. The Edge has a truly interesting camera, outfitted with handy features that can be used on a daily basis. The clean cut design, with the ability to hide the toolbar, serves to keep the camera … Read moreHow To: The Samsung S6 Edge’s Camera

5 Fun Halloween Apps

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween this Saturday. Check out these apps if you want to scare a friend, set the mood at home, play a game or track your naughty kids as they go trick or treating. 1. Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse What better note to start off Halloween than with a zombie game! Gun down the undead … Read more5 Fun Halloween Apps

How To Use All The Camera Features On Your iPhone

For the grease-monkeys amongst us who love fiddling with their phone settings, trying out all the features and functions, the camera is that dungeon that’s full of treasures. Even if you are a newbie to photography, mobile cameras are simple enough to learn. In this article, we demystify the jargon around mobile cameras – modes and … Read moreHow To Use All The Camera Features On Your iPhone

Start Sketching On Your Mobile: 6 Apps

Undercover artists, daytime doodlers and budding painters – whoever you may be, you can now use apps on your mobile to start sketching away. You don’t need the Apple Pencil, nor a stylus – these apps we’ve picked out let you tap and swipe away with your fingers. Bring out the artist in you with … Read moreStart Sketching On Your Mobile: 6 Apps

Donating via Mobile: Social Good Apps

The past month has been filled with heartbreaking stories about Syrian refugees. You may have read posts from your friends or family on Facebook asking for donations and wanted to help, but didn’t know how to transfer the money safely. Or maybe you are offline. This is where apps – rather than websites – have an advantage. Here’s how you can let your generosity flow without having to access a laptop – just use an app. Several bank apps offer options to donate instantly to reputed charities too, like Barclay’s PingIt.


This smart app uses image recognition to recognise which charity you’ve just clicked a pic of, searching through its database of thousands of charities. You can then select the amount (minimum is £2) and use PayPal or your credit card to transfer the money. The SnapDonate app also works offline, placing your transfer on hold until you are back on mobile data/ WiFi.




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EBay for Charity

eBay has tied up with charities such

Read moreDonating via Mobile: Social Good Apps