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Looking for a new gaming phone? The new Samsung S10 series has your back!

Serious Gaming Phone Required? Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. When you are looking to invest in a new phone and you are a serious gamer there a number of factors you have to take into account when making your choice, beyond the usual camera specs and does it have Bluetooth. Chipset … Read moreLooking for a new gaming phone? The new Samsung S10 series has your back!

You can now play Snake on your iPhone

Play Snake on your iPhone

Back in 2017, Nokia announced the return of the legendary Nokia 3310 complete with mobile-gaming classic, Snake. If you’re an iPhone user with fond memories of the game, but not quite willing to give up your smartphone powerhouse, worry not!  You can now download and play retro Snake for free on your iPhone.   And … Read moreYou can now play Snake on your iPhone

This Week’s Tech News – Ataribox, Google and Samsung

Retro games machines have been popularised by Nintendo and now Atari are planning to release the Ataribox, which will features classic Atari games and perhaps even some new titles. The look of the console recalls the Atari 2600. No games have been announced yet, so which would you like to see – perhaps Space Invaders, … Read moreThis Week’s Tech News – Ataribox, Google and Samsung

3 Cool Star Wars Apps & Games

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out and breaking box office records. It’s not just the media that’s going on hyperdrive – games and apps are being released to capture the attention of everyone, young and old. We aren’t resistant to this kind of magic! So we dipped into the force and picked up a few … Read more3 Cool Star Wars Apps & Games

5 Fun Halloween Apps

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween this Saturday. Check out these apps if you want to scare a friend, set the mood at home, play a game or track your naughty kids as they go trick or treating. 1. Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse What better note to start off Halloween than with a zombie game! Gun down the undead … Read more5 Fun Halloween Apps

Our 5 Favourite Games for Your Android Phone

Bored of your current stock of games on your Android phone?  Why not delete a few to make room for one or more of our 5 favourites below. Minecraft Pocket Edition (£4.99) Well what can you say, gamers still love Minecraft a lot! Suitable for children from around 6 upwards as well as Adults alike, … Read moreOur 5 Favourite Games for Your Android Phone

Our 5 Favourite iOS Games

iPhone user with a few minutes to spare for idle amusement?  Here are our 5 favourite games for iOS… Monument Valley (£2.99) Winner of several awards including Apple Game of the Year and Apple Design Award, Monument Valley is a beautifully designed puzzle game with stunning illustrations and enchanting music. The idea of the game … Read moreOur 5 Favourite iOS Games

5 New Addictive Games for 2014

The weather’s appalling, the TV’s not much better so why not download one of the hot new games of 2014 to keep yourself entertained. Flappy Bird (iOS, Android – free) Released in the summer of last year but storming up the app charts is the extremely addictive Flappy Birds game. The free app was initially … Read more5 New Addictive Games for 2014