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Martin Lewis reveals bargain £8 SIM only Black Friday deal on TV

Three’s amazing Black Friday SIM only deal gets the seal of approval from money-saving expert Martin Lewis

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Black Friday may be a week away but the deals are already coming thick and fast from the likes of Three, Carphone Warehouse and iD Mobile, with many launching offers early.

There are so many offers out there, the team here at Direct Mobiles are spending every day reviewing and curating the best deals available to ensure they’re genuine Black Friday deals. It’s nice when someone else can help you out with this and we have Martin Lewis to thank for this one.

Martin tracked down a brilliant SIM Only offer from Three that gets you 8GB of data for just £8 a month.

It also includes unlimited minutes and texts on a 12 month contract, which at £8 a month, works out at just £96 for the entire year.

Martin Lewis

In fact, it’s so good, that the finance guru ventured onto Good Morning Britain earlier today to talk about it, along with a load of other Black Friday deals including a Smarty SIM Only deal that includes 45GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts for £15 a month on a 12 month contract.

You can grab the 8GB for £8 SIM Only deal directly from Three now and don’t worry if that ones not for you, we’ll have loads more deal news over the next week.

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