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Start Sketching On Your Mobile: 6 Apps

Undercover artists, daytime doodlers and budding painters – whoever you may be, you can now use apps on your mobile to start sketching away. You don’t need the Apple Pencil, nor a stylus – these apps we’ve picked out let you tap and swipe away with your fingers.

Bring out the artist in you with these five apps – they are available both on Android mobiles, iPhones and tablets of all kinds. Warning: you will feel the pinch of space on a mobile screen. Feel like buying a tablet instead? We’ve got great deals on the EE Harrier for just £20 per month or the Huawei T1 Pro 8 for £11 on our website!

ArtFlow (Free)

This app is not just for kids – with ArtFlow’s easy interface, you can create complex paintings and sketches. Remember to read and remember the instructions given at the beginning so you aren’t left staring at a blank canvas. You can add custom colour palettes, effects, change the hues/saturation and much more.


Sketch Master (Free)

Start painting immediately with Sketch Master. Its very simple user interface almost resembles Paint and lets you soften brush strokes with your fingers. Re-touch photos or add a note with this app, which is perfect for those who are just starting up.

ArtRage (Paid)

Illustrations, book covers, animations and more are possible with the ArtRage app. There’s a large forum around this app where you will find support, advice from other artists and participate in contests too.


CloverPaint (Paid)

CloverPaint isnt for beginners – if you are comfortable with complex tools with lots of customisation features and want one of the best apps to start a project, look no further.


SketchBook (Free)

Similarly, for those with expertise and knowledge of layers, symmetry and styles, Autodesk’s SketchBook is a good option. You can also import your existing painting using your camera or from the gallery to make digital art.



Zen Brush

Zen Brush simulates a real ink brush used in calligraphy and is bang on when it comes to getting the flow, colours and contrast of a traditional Japanese fudé brush.

Watch this video for a quick look:

Try downloading some of these apps and share your views – what did you enjoy and what would you recommend to fellow creative folks amongst us? Which smartphone is the best for sketching while on the move? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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