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Our 5 Favourite Games for Your Android Phone

Bored of your current stock of games on your Android phone?  Why not delete a few to make room for one or more of our 5 favourites below.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (£4.99)

minecraftWell what can you say, gamers still love Minecraft a lot! Suitable for children from around 6 upwards as well as Adults alike, Minecraft really is an unstoppable phenomenon. One of the most popular apps of all time, it’s addictive and the hours whizz by as you built bigger and better creations with all sorts of blocks and extras. Play on your own or online with friends, the Pocket Edition for smartphones features Creative and Survival Modes so you can keep building wherever you are.


Tiny Thief (Free)

TinyThiefIf you like your games with a vintage wholesome feel, then Tiny Thief is worth checking out. With wit and charm, this fun game sees the hero Tiny Thief battling to keep the bad guys at bay be they giant robots, pirates and the Dark Knight. You need to get your puzzle solving head on to complete the challenges with six different adventures to embark on and conquer such as battles, sieges and treasure to unearth. Great fun for everyone.


Bag Piggies (Free)

bad_piggiesA fun game from the Angry Bird’s creators, Rovio. You need to move the Bad Piggies across the screen to find their eggs but first of all they need something to travel in. With an eclectic choice of strange objects and parts, design your very own vehicle for the Piggies to fly and drive. Negotiate over 200 different levels with additional levels to unlock and guide the Piggies through the hazards trying not to crash and burn to reach those precious eggies.


Marvel Contest of Champions (Free)

marvel-contest-of-championsA new and all-action game with rave reviews. Pick your toughest and bravest Champions to assist The Collector to defeat Ultron and to keep control of the Iso-Phere. Choose from Marvel iconic super heroes which include Spider Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Iron Man and battle and prepare for an almighty battle. Hook up with your friends and explore the famous Marvel Universe locations to triumph good over evil. Suitable for age 12+.


TriviaBurst (Free)

trivia_burstWith 30 categories of thousands of questions, TriviaBurst is a fun way to test your general knowledge. Voted the best Android trivia game for the past 4 years, you have the option of single play or multi player where you can challenge a fellow TriviaBurst user to a head-to-head quiz-off. The more questions you answer, the more points you will accrue and certain numbers of points are required to unlock more levels of the game. A great game for quiz lovers everywhere.

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