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IM Apps Compared

The choices and download figures for Instant Messaging Apps continues to be on the rise with the recent new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) App for iPhone and Android achieving a record number of downloads. IM activity is now more than twice as popular as SMS so we take a look at three of the most used IM apps and what they each have to offer.


whatsapp-logoCurrently the top IM app with over 350 million active users. It’s also available for most smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8). WhatsApp is a hugely success IM service developed by some former Yahoo staff with the original aim of competing with SMS. With well over 20 billion daily messages, WhatsApp provides instant messaging, group chat as well as location and file sharing. Ideal for sharing photos, video and music with your contacts, it does not as yet offer voice or video calling.


Skype-logo-EPS-AI.PNG-1One of the most well-know IM services, Skype has around 300 million users worldwide and is as popular with businesses as it is with personal users. Like WhatsApp, Skype is available to download across many platforms including Mac OS X, desktop, SmartTV and also on the Xbox One. Skype is used by many for low-cost online video calls to family, friends and colleagues across the world. As well as video chat and IM, Skype can be used for group chat and file sharing and transferring. A brilliantly versatile app, pretty much all you need is an account and an internet account and you’re up and running in minutes.


BBM-LogoBlackBerry recently made their popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) App available for other smartphone users with the launch of a BBM App for iOS and Android. In less than a week, the new BBM App had exceeded 20 million downloads with 10 million downloads occurring within just the first 24 hours of its release. The number of BBM users is heading towards the 100 million mark and with upgrades and new features being added frequently, it is climbing up the App charts. BBM was the pioneer of ‘real-time’ message notifications and offers a host of different IM such as text chatting, group chat, voice calls and video calling. Thanks to its success in the world of business, BBM is also well-used for screen sharing, file sharing and location sharing.

The new BB10 operating system has also seen some additional features which include BBM Channels which will allow individual users and businesses to form their very own networking channels. Users can post updates and share information on their own channels and reach and interact with their subscribers in a more effective way. BBM also has the advantage of security due to its PIN system where you need to exchange PINs or use your PIN Barcode to connect with other BBM users.

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