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5 Fun Halloween Apps

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween this Saturday. Check out these apps if you want to scare a friend, set the mood at home, play a game or track your naughty kids as they go trick or treating.

1. Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse

What better note to start off Halloween than with a zombie game! Gun down the undead and make your way through abandoned amusement parks.





2. Track n Treat

This little spying app lets you see where your kids are heading to so you know they are safe this Halloween. It lets you view their location on a map that gets updated in real-time.





3. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Don’t underestimate this game – sounds simple enough, but it IS scary. The premise is – Can you survive five nights at Freddy’s? You have possessed dolls and toys that will send shivers up your spine, even if you are an adult.





4. Zombie Booth 2

Forget adding ghosts to your photos, this year it’s all about Zombies. Find out how you’d look if you were a zombie with this nifty app.





5. Hue Halloween

With this app, you can make your Smart Home the spookiest in the neighbourhood! Get the Philips Hue Connected Light Bulbs and instantly set the mood for Halloween with dark rooms and eerie music!




We hope you try some of these this weekend. Do share your favourite Halloween apps or games with us in the comments below!

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