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5 Best Apps for Keeping the Kids Entertained on Wet Weekends

With Autumn now well and truly arrived and rainy weekends set to become more frequent, keeping the kids entertained can be a challenge. So here are 5 apps that will give you a little respite.

10Monkeys (Android, iOS – Free)

10monkeys-multiplicationA great app not only to keep your kids entertained but also to stimulate and encourage some weekend learning. Essentially 10Monkeys teaches children their times tables’ starting with the 2-times table and progressing through to the 10-times table. The app uses a selection of mini games where you score points by getting the correct answers and freeing the monkeys so they can join their friends – great fun whilst learning a very useful skill.

Despicable Me Minion Rush (Android, iOS – Free)

Despicable-Me-Minion-RushIf your children are fans of the Despicable Me films then this game is likely to be a big hit. Hugely popular and downloaded by millions, the object of the game is to steer your Minion through a series of challenges whilst fighting the baddies to win the ‘Minion of the Year’ title. Featuring characters and locations from the films and causing chaos in typical Minion fashion, this endless running type game will keep your kids enthralled for a while.

Justin Fletcher’s Lettersounds (iOS – £1.49)

justin_fletchers_lettersoundsAnother popular app from Justin of CBeebies fame. Perfect for those of you with pre-schoolers, this fun app will get your little ones learning their first phonics (eight in total) before they start at school full time. With mini-games, video–clips featuring Justin and by use of pictures, your children will be soon perfecting their phonic sounds and mastering the games by choosing the right letters to make up the words.

Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch (iPad £0.69)

night_zookeeperLovely interactive app for kids who enjoy drawing, writing and like animals. Look after the Zoo animals and get creative with daily drawing activities and story writing. The drawings can be stored on a personal dashboard so you have permanent momentoes and there are lots of stories to read to keep your little ones entertained. This app can also be used offline and there’s plenty of scope for parents to join in with the fun.

Max’s Pirate Planet (iOS £1.99, Android £0.69)

maxs_pirateA pirate-themed board game app which has you sailing around the world conquering obstacles to collect pieces of a map so you can unveil the location of the buried gold. With creatures and monsters to fend off and a cannon shoot out to win versus Barnacle Bill whose loot you’re after, this app has plenty of adventure to keep your 4+ year olds enthralled and entertained.

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