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5 Apps to Keep the Kids Entertained Over Half Term

Another break from school and another challenge for you to keep the kids entertained for the week.

Here are some apps that won’t solve the whole problem but will keep them amused for a few hours at least.

Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker

Lego_Superheroes_moviemakerThis is a great time-filler because the kids have got to build their scene and characters in the real world first using their Lego. They can move their real world Lego figures about and record their movie, scene-by-scene, using stop motion photos they take with the app. Get them to create Batman 1,2 and 3 or all 6 movies of Star Wars and they’ll be busy for days!


Star Walk

Not one for the little ones as they’ll need to stay up too late as we’re a little over 3 weeks away from the longest day. But if your older ones are into star gazing, or you want to get them into star gazing, then this app is ideal. By finding your location in the app you can find out what stars you can see from your back garden. You’ll need a clear sky but the weather is set fair for the end of the week so that shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. You’ll love the graphics too – they’re amazing.

Math vs. Zombies

Want the kids to do something a little educational over the break but don’t think you’re going to be able to motivate them to do anything that has any vague resemblance to school work? Try this app for size and see how you get on. Your kids have to solve a series of maths puzzles (that’s the educational bit) but their motivation for solving all those puzzles is to stop the world being overrun by zombie hordes (that’s the fun bit).

Life 360

Life_360_appThis app is less about entertaining your kids and more for keeping tabs on them over the half term break (and beyond). For example, it sends prompts to your kids so they can let you know where they are and that they’re safe. It’s GPS-based, so it can also send notifications to you when your kids have reached specified locations (friend’s houses etc.)

Chore Bank

Want the kids to help out around the house and learn a little bit about the world of work at the same time? Chore Band is a great way to teach them that if they put in a decent shift at helping out with all those chores that need doing around the house, they’ll get paid for them. You load in the chores – either chosen from a list or ones you’ve created yourself – and load up a monetary value for the reward. Your kids do the chores and the reward amounts get deposited in their ‘chore bank.’ When they decide to make a ‘withdrawal’ you can pay them for their hard work.


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