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The Best New Wearables from CES 2016

CES is the industry showcase for Tech that reveals all the trends and cool devices for the year ahead. Wearables are yet again amongst the most popular new gadgets of the moment, with many brands launching new models at the Las Vegas event. Here we round up some of the best in show.

Fitbit Blaze


Fitbit have been known up to now for their very popular fitness trackers, which come in a number of shapes and sizes and are dedicated to tracking your exercise, walking, sports and sleep patterns. To take on the threat from the Apple Watch and the many other smartwatches that offer fitness tracking and more, Fitbit have launched the Blaze.

The Blaze will pick up some notifications from your phone and has all the fitness tracking capabilities you would expect from Fitbit. It also raises the bar with a sleek, more fashion-conscious look and you are able to choose from a variety of bands. At a much lower cost than the Apple watch and other smartwatches, it’s more accessible, but it doesn’t have the advanced functionality of those devices.

Huawei Jewel and Elegant

huawei, jewel, elegant
Huawei Jewel and Elegant

Huawei launched a pair of Smartwatches at CES with a female-friendly look. The Jewel features Swarovski crystals and the Elegant a white and rose gold face. They are a more stylish effort for the Chinese manufacturer, better known for low and mid-price Android phones and are part of a trend to make the smartwatch more like a luxury watch, than a bulky gadget.

Withings Go

withings go, withings, go

Withings has a range of smart devices and their Go activity tracker is a cheap and cheerful addition to the market. Its e-ink display is low-power, so the replaceable battery can last up to 8 months. It has basic fitness and sleep-tracking functionality and would be a colourful entry-level choice wearable.

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