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Our 5 Favourite Headphones for Your Smartphone

If you’re after a good set of ear buds or headphones to listen to music, audio books or to watch movies, then we’ve got 5 of our favourites for you to check out.

Tracks HD (£99)

TracksHD_blackGreat value, durable, stylish and offering fantastic sound quality, these Sol Republic headphones have a robust brushed chrome look and a sturdy but flexible head band. You get a solid and expensive looking set of headphones for a fraction of the price of some of the designer headphones on the market and they are customisable as you can chose the colours of the cord, earpieces and headband. There’s a small control unit so you can flip between listening to music and picking up calls, skipping tracks and adjusting the volume.


Beats by Dre Studio (approx £270)

beats-by-dr-dreOK, these are on the expensive side but as well as a premium set of headphones, you’re also getting a coveted fashion accessory. If you like a strong bass then these powerful headphones will enhance your music and the noise-cancelling technology means that you can immerse yourself without any annoying background noise. Extremely comfortable and lightweight, you can wear them for hours. Beats by Dre Studio come in 3 choices of colour which are white, black and red and feature the red Beats logo on either side of the earpieces.


Creative Hitz WP380 (around £90)

Creative_Hitz_WP380Fantastic wireless headphones which mean you’re not having to forever untangle cords or wires. They weigh only 150 grams so they are light to wear and come with comfortable padding on the earpieces. Creative Hitz connect to your smartphone using NFC technology and also work via Bluetooth with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The beauty of these headphones is that you can easily hook up a friend using another set of Bluetooth compatible headphones so they can also enjoy your music, audio books or films.


Thinksound Rain2 In-Ear Headphones (approx £58)

Thinksound_Rain2_In-Ear_HeadphonesIf you want something that’s ultra portable then these funky ear buds stand out from the crowd. Made from wood and polished metal, they are pretty unique in looks as well as being very comfy with a rich and powerful sound. Featuring enhanced acoustics, a tangle resistant cable and a choice of ear fittings to fit your ear perfectly, these are our choice for great value and superb quality.


Sony MDR-10RBT (£169)

Sony_MDR-10RBTThese lovely looking headphones are light and extremely comfortable to wear and will keep you entertained for a good 18 hours between charges. Although light in weight they are very well made with buttons on the right hand earpiece to play, pause and skip tracks as well as the volume control. The earpiece on the left features the power button as well as a jack if you want to use a cable instead of connecting via Bluetooth or NFC.

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